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Special Event - India Visit

February 2011

During the February half term, Mrs Finnegan, Miss Joyce, Miss Ellicott and Miss Parkes all travelled to the Gujurat in India to visit our Partnership schools, St Arnold's, St Stephen's and the Mulvalia Tribal School.

Before embarking on our journey from Mumbai to Godhra, we had the chance to do some sightseeing. We visited the Gateway to India, Gandhi's House and the biggest launderette in India: and a little time for shopping of course!

Once in Godhra we received a wonderful welcome from all the staff, Governors, parents and all the children, who blessed us with a true Hindi blessing, which involved candles, prayers and wonderful dancing.

During this visit, we stayed with Fr Paul, Fr Charles and Fr Rayappan in the Church House. They made us feel really welcome.

We had the opportunity to observe lessons in English and Gujurati, which gave us the opportunity to look at different teaching methods used in Kinder Garten, Primary and the High School.

We also had the opportunity to visit the teachers and children at Mulvalia Tribal School, who have very limited resources to support their teaching and learning. Miss Ellicott presented the money raised from the St John Bosco's Got Talent to Fr and Sister, who expressed their gratitude to all who supported them. Miss Ellicott's father also donated £100 to the Mulvalia School. A big thank you to him too!

We also had the opportunity to visit the SAHAJ- An Organisation for Women's Development, to meet with the director and set up a business link buying Fair Trade, handmade crafts. Miss Ellicott and Y5 will be running this project as part of their maths lessons in class, converting Rupees into Sterling, profit and loss and recording all their work using Microsoft Excel. The children will be selling the Fair Trade crafts during the Summer Term and all the proceeds will be sent to the Mulvalia Tribal School to enable them to purchase teaching and learning resources.

Whilst waiting to travel from Mumbai to Vadadora, we met the England Cricket team, who were involved with the ICC World Cup Cricket in India. Miss Ellicott knew them all by name and asked for us to have our photos take with them. Mrs Finnegan hadn't got a clue who any of them were!

In an assembly in school, staff have shared their experiences with all the children and the photos are displayed in the Welcome Area for all to see.

On Wednesday 9th March we will be wecoming Fr Paulraj from St Stephen's to St John Bosco. He will be spending time with the children in classes and taking a tour of the school. He will be having lunch with the Prefects and discussing school issues with the School Council. We welcome him to our school.