St John Bosco Teaching School Alliance

Special Event - Year 6's Centro Outing

29 March 2012

Year 6 pupils from St John Bosco Catholic Primary School were able to experience public transport in the West Midlands last week following a trip and activity organised by Centro.

In February the children were visited in school by Jacqui Miller from Centro and taught about public transport in the area including buses, trains and Metros. They were show how to understand timetables, taught about personal safety when using transport and shown how to use Centro's journey planning website and had to plan a fictional journey to and from school involving all three modes of transport - bus, train and metro starting and ending at school. A range of possibilities was arrived at.

Everyone in the class was delighted when, a few weeks later, Jacqui contacted the class to say that she would like to provide the funds for the fictional journey to become a reality, especially as many of the children had never or rarely used public transport. Some more planning in class took place and on the day everyone set off ready.

The first leg of the journey saw the class take the 75 bus from school to Birmingham, with the whole top deck to themselves they enjoyed some great views!

Arrival in Birmingham gave an opportunity for a walk round which included the fountains at Chamberlain Square, the two Cathedrals and the Bull Ring. They then proceeded to New Street Station.

Arrival at New Street saw the group use the destination boards to find the correct platform and train and having done this successfully the boarded a shiny Virgin Pendolino train to Wolverhampton. Thery were informed by the guard this was the fastest and most modern train that used New Street and everyone enjoyed their ride. For many their first time on a train!

Arrival in Wolverhampton gave time to visit the museum and then onto West Park for some fun in the sunshine before everyone set off on the next leg of their journey, taking the Metro to west Bromwich. It was particularly interesting for many of the group seeing the metro share the road with cars in the area around Wolverhampton.

Arrival at West Bromwich saw the final part of the trip; taking the local 429 bus back to school. Unlike earlier this bus was very busy and the pupils really saw what journeys can be like at peak times!

The whole day was a fantastic experience, it really brought learning to life and taught the children a huge amount about public transport, something they may well need when at secondary school in September.