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Special Event - A Trip to the Safeside Centre

16 March 2011

Year 6 pupils from St John Bosco Primary School learned about being safer citizens after spending the afternoon at the Safeside Centre in Nechells, Birmingham.

On arrival the pupils were divided into small groups and then taken into the Safeside Village which is an extremely lifelike replica of any high street in the country. They were then taken through a range of scenarios which could occur to any of us at any time. With a real West Midlands double decker bus and train carriage they learned about safety on Public transport, inside the CO-OP there were lessons about restricted goods, inside the house fire safety lessons were learned with a room burning to nothing in under four minutes, there was domestic safety in the kitchen and personal safety at the zebra crossing and in the dark alley to name but a few.

The afternoon finished with an interactive quiz using keypads to answer questions on the issues studied during the day, with the success rate, whilst not quite being 100% , showing that a lot of lessons had been learned.

The Safeside complex is an outstanding organisation, staffed entirely by volunteers and funded by the West Midlands Emergency Services. The scenarios are so lifelike you could actually be there and, with the children who visit moving to high schools in September, they may find themselves in them and will hopefully now be better equipped to deal with them should such situations occur.

Travelling safely on the bus.
What has happened here?

The verdict is in from Mrs Cresswell.
Learning about safety on the streets.

Inside the shop - learning what you can buy.
Safety at the bus stop.