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Special Event - A Visit to Poland

October 2010

Three teachers from St John Bosco Primary School spent their October half term holiday as guests of Szkorta Podstawowa School in Sieradz, Poland. The visit was the beginning of an official partnership between our two schools which involves sharing ideas, initiatives and joint projects.

During the stay the three teachers: Paul Mobberley, Mary Bannister and Danielle Joyce spent time in the school observing lessons and meeting with teachers and also took part in a full day trip with class 4B (11 - 12 years old) to a Polish forest where the children took part in a range of outdoor activities.

Children in Poland learn English from when they begin school at the age of 7 and we were amazed by the grasp they have on the language. One class put on a performance of Little Red Riding Hood for our benefit entirely in English and we also saw an English lesson being taught to a class of 8 year olds.

Away from the school we experienced the Polish lifestyle including traditional food and were also taken to see the museum of the horrors of the concentration camp at Auschwitz.

The visit was organized by Polish teacher Gosia Presmycki, who will hopefully be making a return visit to St John Bosco next year and we are then hoping to extend the link to include children visiting each other's schools and taking part in a joint residential.

With approximately 10% of the pupils at St John Bosco of Polish origin we have learned a great deal about their culture and even learned a small bit of language we can use in lessons.

The whole class with our three teachers, in the forest in Poland.
Mr Mobberley with two pupils from the school at the campfire.

A lesson in the forest!
The camp fire gets going!

Mr Mobberley gets ready to cook his lunch on the camp fire.
Mrs Bannister and Miss Joyce enjoyed cooking their sausages on the camp fire.

We observed Polish lessons and compared teaching styles and strategies.
The trip to Auschwitz and Birkenau was very moving.

The outside of Sieradz Number 4 School.
School corridor at break times.

The school library.
School canteen.

A Key Stage 2 lesson we observed.
A Key Stage 1 lesson we observed.

A Key Stage 1 classroom.
Class photo after the Little Red Riding Hood performance (which was fantastic!)

Catholic Church in Sieradz.