St John Bosco Teaching School Alliance

Special Event - Pentecost Mass at St Michael's Church

12 June 2011

On Sunday 12th June, St Michael's church celebrated Pentecost with an intercultural mass. Everyone wore traditional dress to show the country they were from. There were people from India, Africa, the Philippines, Poland, Italy, Ireland, Sri Lanka and many more other countries.

Part of the mass was sung in Latin and other languages. Every nationality played a part in the mass. After the mass, food from all the nationalities was served for everyone. Everyone had a brilliant time and enjoyed themselves greatly!

We feel very blessed at St. John Bosco School to have so many children from different nationalities from all over the world. This enriches us as a school and as a community showing the power and love of the Holy Spirit.

Flags from all over the world.
Father Ugo singing in Nigerian.

Delicious food.
Yum yum!

Enjoying some Indian food.
Father Erasmus and Miss Joyce.

Traditional Indian dress.