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Special Event - Year 6 Visit Oak House Museum

27 April 2011

On Wednesday 27th April as part of our local history week at school, Year 6 made the short trip by Metro to Oak House Museum in West Bromwich to find out about our local area in Tudor times and beyond.

On arrival we enjoyed a picnic lunch and game of football on the beautiful lawns. We then embarked on a tour of the house which was built in the 1600s. Originally a farm dwelling, the house was purchased by the mayor of West Bromwich as a dwelling house but as his wife didn't like it it was given to the people of the area.

During the tour of the house we saw the different rooms and structures, experienced what a tudor feast might have been like, saw the four poster bed in the bedroom, tried on traditional costumes and learned about Tudor daily life.

Over the years people visiting Oak House have reported seeing and hearing things somewhat out of the ordinary and today it is a popular destination for ghost hunters. As we went around several members of Year 6 thought they may have seen something supernatural but weren't quite sure!

Everyone enjoyed the afternoon. A welcome break from SATs revision!