St John Bosco Teaching School Alliance

Special Event - International Visitor

1 July 2011

St John Bosco Primary School welcomed a special visitor on Friday as part of our whole school 'international week'.

John Rolfe, a member of the British Council, made a special journey from London to the West Midlands to find out about the work being done at St John Bosco to develop overseas links.

His visit coincided with the end of the school's special themed week during which each of the seven classes chose a different country to study. These included Poland, Gambia, USA, Ireland, Italy and Jamaica. The children in the respective classes researched their country, tried traditional food from there, learned a bit of the language among many other activities. At the end of the week each class gave a presentation to the rest of the school about the country they had chosen.

Over the last year St John Bosco School has been instrumental in developing overseas links. Teachers have visited schools in Poland, India, Africa and Chicago and developed sustainable partnerships, with staff from the respective countries also coming to West Bromwich. Children are encouraged to learn about other countries and cultures and have communicated with pupils at the overseas schools through letters and emails and have raised funds for some of the schools abroad through a range of initiatives.

The visit of Mr Rolfe confirmed the excellent work being done in this area. During a tour of the school and lunch with the prefects he was hugely impressed with the work being done and the fantastic multicultural awareness and understanding of the pupils, which as we approach the new school year, will develop even more.