St John Bosco Teaching School Alliance

Special Event - Fr Paul from India visits St John Bosco

9 March 2011

St John Bosco Primary School in West Bromwich welcomed a special guest to their school last week following the visit of Fr Paul Raj a Catholic Priest and teacher from Godhora in India. His visit to the school followed on from a visit to India by four teachers from the school during the half term break in February where they experienced indian culture and spent time in several Indian schools.

To celebrate the visit of Fr Paul many of the children and staff at St John Bosco dressed in either traditional Indian dress or colours of the Indian flag, green, orange and white. The children made banners and bunting and decorated the hall accordingly.

On arrival Fr Paul enjoyed lunch with the school prefects and some staff and was then treated to a special assembly where each class took turns to present him with a gift and the staff who had visited India presented a slideshow to tell of their experiences. Fr Paul then told the children something about life in India and the differences between life their and here, particularly for the children.

Following the assembly there was a tour of the school led by the Year 6 prefects during which Fr Paul spent time in each classroom. He was particularly impressed with the amazing ICT facilities which were incredibly different to those in his own school back home. When he saw that each pupil in Year 6 had a laptop each to use he asked if they ever did any writing - which they assured him they did!

After the children had gone home the staff and Fr Paul were joined by some of the school governors along with our school priests Fr Burke from Holy Cross and Frs Ugo and Erasmus from St Michael's where they enjoyed a buffet and talked further of life in India. The day finished with Fr Paul blessing the new plaque of St John Bosco outside the school.

Everyone from the school community learned a great deal from the day and Fr Paul enjoyed the hospitality. We hope to make this a long and sustainable partnership.

Fr Paul learning ICT in Year 6.
Fr Paul with Miss Ellicott, Miss Joyce, Miss Parkes and Mrs Finnegan.

The welcome assembly with Mrs Finnegan.
Fr Paul with pupils in an Indian cricket top and in Indian dress.

Year 5 perform a song.
Fr Paul admires the work in Class 4.

With Miss Ellicott, displaying the items for sale for Fairtrade.
Fr Paul with Fr Tim Burke, Fr Ugo, Fr Erasmus and a visiting priest from Nigeria.