St John Bosco Teaching School Alliance

Special Event - West Bromwich Fire Service visit Reception

December 2010

Children in Reception wrote letters to the local fire station in West Bromwich following Bonfire Night.

During the week of bonfire night, the children learnt about firework safety and were able to tell each other how to stay safe around fireworks. They created fantastic models of fire engines and enjoyed dressing up as fire men and women. They went to other classes in school to tell other children about how to stay safe around fireworks.

With all their information about firework safety, the children wanted a fireman or woman to come and visit school to see how hard they had worked and to thank them for the important job they do.

The children were delighted when three firemen and a fire woman came to visit St. John Bosco School in December. They thanked the children for their letters and talked to them about fire safety.

All the children had the chance to go into the fire engine and explore the equipment the fire men and women use to carry out their job. They had great fun and learnt alot from this experience.

One of the firemen also read a children's story about fire safety which all the children could relate to. It was a fantastic morning and the children were very grateful to the firemen and firewoman for taking time out of their busy schedules to come and visit them.

Important: To all members of the school community, please check your smoke alarms work!

The fire engine arrives.
A message about smoke alarms.

A fireman climbing into the engine.
The fire people speak to the children.

In the fire engine.
Trying on a gas mask.

We like the fire engine!
The fireman reads us a story.

Chidlren enjoying the story.