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Special Event - Tidying Up the Eco-Garden

May 2011

A message from the Eco-Club....

After the Easter holidays, we came back to school to find our eco-garden quite overgrown with weeds so we quickly got to work on tidying our eco-garden up by pulling the weeds out. We were amazed to find that some of the weeds were actually radishes that must have fallen out of the planters last year and grown again this year in the ground - amazing!

We also noticed that eco-club's poppy planter had poppy's growing at the side of the planter. We came to the conclusion that the wind must of blown the seeds from last year's poppy's onto the ground and so new poppy's have grown.

It was fantastic to see that some classes have already started planting their vegetables for this year. We are all excited to see what amazing vegetables are going to be grown this year! Good luck!

From the Eco-Club (Jilliane Y6, Angelee Y4, Samantha Y4, Joseph Y3 and Alex Y2)

The Eco-Garden.
An overgrown poppy planter.

Starting the hard work to get the weeds out.
Pulling up those weeds.

Good teamwork in Eco-Club.
Working hard together.

There's plenty to be done.
Year 2's vegetables are growing.