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Special Event - Eco-Buddies at the Frank Chapman Centre

May 2010

Miss Joyce and the Eco-Buddies went to the Frank Chapman Centre. Whilst there, we did a variety of activities.

We carried out a survey of flowers that attract bees. We learnt that it is important to provide a range of flowers for bees to feed from so that they can get energy to make honey. Flowers need bees too because they are very useful pollinators and they can spread the flower's seeds.

Later, we went on a nature walk in the woods and found some beautiful wildlife. We looked at some rare newts swimming happily in their natural habitat. It was a Site of Specific Scientific Interest (SSSI) so the area was protected by wildlife enthusiasts.

We took part in some conservation work in the wood. We cleared away leaves from the stream to help the water flow down it more easily.

We had a great day and came back to school with some brilliant ideas.

Miss Joyce and the Eco-Buddies.
The group begin a survey on bees.

Spotting flowers that attract the bees.
A wormery, turning waste into compost.

Off on our nature walk in the woods.
Looking at the rare newts.

An ants nest, containing over a million ants.
Conservation work in the woods.

Clearing a way for the stream to flow more easily.
It was hard, but rewarding work.