St John Bosco Teaching School Alliance

Special Event - Careers in Health Workshop

15 November 2011

Year 6 pupils developed their knowledge of all things medical last week by taking part in the 'Careers in Health' workshop morning delivered by representatives from Classroom Medics.

After an introductory talk and demonstration the children split into groups and used a variety of medical equipment for a range of purposes and in the process measured their own health and fitness. The children were able to take their own blood pressure, pulse, heartbeat and temperature readings, used a rowing machine and light reactor to measure strength and co-ordination, performed resuscitation techniques, found out their lung capacity and wore a variety of goggles to see the effects on vision of various conditions including a stroke to name but some of the activities.

The workshop was delivered superbly and really raised the children's and staff's awareness. It concluded with an interactive quiz and even at the age of 11 some of the children are considering a career in medicine as a result.

Trying out the goggles.
Mrs Cresswell takes the pulse rate of one of the children.

Pupils taking each other's blood pressure readings.
Performing CPG on a dummy.