St John Bosco Teaching School Alliance

Special Event - Advent Appeal

13 December 2012

This year the Key Stage 2 Liturgy leaders collected food and toiletries from each class to donate to the Brushstrokes Community Centre in Smethwick.

The centre helps and supports people and families in Smethwick who are in difficulties. The centre has been developing its work since 1999 and last year it supported over 2000 people from 72 different countries.

On our arrival we were warmly met by some volunteers who kindly thanked us for the boxes of food and toiletries. We learned from chatting to the volunteers that Fr. Erasmus was a frequent visitor so he was contacted to come and visit us while we were there. It was lovely to see Fr. Erasmus again and to visit the Brushstrokes Centre.

Next year, we hope to donate even more to the Brushstrokes Centre so it can keep on helping families and people in need.

Thank you to all the children of St. John Bosco who supported this appeal and well done Liturgy leaders for representing your school so well.